In the case you can, if you wish, notify the presence of the tiger mosquito.

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The name "tiger mosquito" can be misleading, especially with regard to the size of the insect.
The tiger mosquito is a small mosquito. It is smaller than a 1 euro cent coin.

The first two images represent the tiger mosquito, the next two do not.

Is it a small mosquito, smaller than a 1 euro cent coin?


The name "tiger mosquito" is also misleading when it comes to color, which is not yellow and black, but white and black, with high contrast as shown in the photos below.

What is the general color of the insect?

Thorax and legs

The hind legs of the tiger mosquito are black and have five rings of white scales. In addition, the dorsal part of the thorax, called the scutum in mosquitoes, is covered with black scales in the tiger mosquito. In the middle is a conspicuous straight line of white scales (middle line). Mosquitoes that have more than one line of sclaes on the scutum or other patterns of brown or gold colors aere therefore not tiger mosquitoes!

WARNING! If you are not sure whether there are five white rings on the legs and white dorsal line on the thorax, please select the answer 'I don't know'

Does the insect have five rings of white scales on the hind legs and a white dorsal line on the thorax?

Thorax and legs
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